Vision & Mission

School Philosophy

PIQC, through a united effort, believes in the dynamic formation of a holistic individual immersed in a diverse Filipino-Chinese culture to become a globally competitive citizen.



Philippine Institute of Quezon City aims to be a center of academic excellence in arts and sciences and the first Chinese-Filipino Science (High) School which:

  • Promotes the development of well-rounded individual
  • Instills the value of love
  • Quests for academic excellence
  • Cultivates the Chinese-Filipino heritage and culture



Philippine Institute of Quezon City nurtures the whole person in all his aspects intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, morally, ethically, and spiritually.

Through its commitment to academic excellence, it prepares the individual for higher education through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies, with every member committed to continuous professional development and a strong work ethic.

In partnership with the community and family, it seeks to inculcate the values of responsibility, socio-civic awareness, and train the individual for effective citizenry and global competitiveness.

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